When dragons roamed the streets of Palma

Many legends have been born in the Balearic Islands, which have the perfect mysterious background to host mythical stories. What few people know when they visit Palma, the capital of Majorca, is that they are walking ancient streets that were once inhabited by dragons. Yes, dragons. Or at least that’s what is reported by the Majorcan legend known as the Drac de na Coca.

During the 17th century a terrible dragon used to terrorize the inhabitants of Palma. Leaving its nest in the undergrounds of the city during the night, the monster attacked its victims with the help of darkness, disappearing at dawn. Evidently, none of the citizens wanted to fight against the beast. Until, as expected, a knight in shining armour came to save the day.

Our hero, Bartolomé Coc, met the horrible creature when he was about to visit his fiancée: hidden in the shadows, the beast that had terrified his city was looking at him with its fierce yellow eyes.

And what does a knight do when a dragon is threatening innocents? Obviously kills the beast and becomes a legend! The brave Coc offered the monster as a trophy to his beloved girlfriend, calling it Drac de na Coca.

Was the dragon real? Well, to be honest, it was a crocodile. And why “Coca”? Because the bride would soon be Coca, the “wife of Coc”. After all, who would not marry a suitor who would face a crocodile to kiss you good night?

R: Federica Cuccia – I: Etienne Mahler