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For one more season, we continue to work on creating unforgettable memories for our guests at Alua Hotels & Resorts.

When people glance at the art of Irene López, it is hard to look away, as her paintings captivates the

Ibiza is known worldwide for its nightlife and the beauty of its astonishing landscapes.

The concept of sustainable architecture arose for the first time during the 60s, when the awareness around the destructive impact

Born in 1988 in Majorca from a Spanish-Irish family, Carles García O’Dowd has a passion for the creation of

Nowadays in our society anyone can afford a photo camera. But there’s only a very few who manage to capture

At Alua Hotels & Resorts we dedicate all of our efforts to make of your stay a unique experience.

With a bare crown and full of small colorful lizards, Es Vedrà stands like a fallen rock over the Mediterranean,