Her Majesty, the Queen

The public and private life of the world’s most famous monarch

Born in 1926, married in 1947 and crowned queen in 1953, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II served for more than six decades. TASCHEN celebrates this extraordinary royal story with a new edition of Her Majesty, the most comprehensive photographic collection on her public and private life.

Bursting with history, tradition, fashion, glamour and culture, this volume covers the Queen’s entire life, from her early years to her death in 2022. Along the way, we see her coming of age during World War II, her marriage, motherhood and coronation, and her encounters with generational icons, including the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and JFK, and her many international trips. We visit the spectacular royal palaces and attend dazzling royal wedding and jubilee celebrations. We are privileged witnesses to elegant official portraits and intimate family moments.

This book is both an exhibition of top-class photographers and a tribute to the Queen’s incredible royal life. Her Majesty includes works by important photographers including Cecil Beaton, Studio Lisa, Dorothy Wilding, Karsh, Lord Snowdon, David Bailey, Patrick Lichfield and Annie Leibovitz, among others.

Her Majesty. A Photographic History 1926– 2022