I do what I want when I want

After skyrocketing to fame with Mal Querer, Rosalía has done it again. She has taken off once again with her new album Moto Mami, and this album has achieved widespread popularity.

Many reviews have been written about this album, which has won many awards. The music industry has hailed this star as one of Spain’s most popular artists. With more than 21 million monthly listeners, Rosalía has seized the Queen of Trá Trá crown once again.

The Catalan singer stands out for breaking the barriers, ever faithful to her chameleon art. Her first album showed off her flamenco side, while Moto Mami is a 180o switch, with a subtle wink at reggaeton.

Regardless of each listeners’ personal music preferences, we can’t help but take our hats off once again to Rosalía and expect her third album to leave us just spellbound as this one.

R: Auba Riera