Getting fit at 50

Getting fit at any time of life need not be mission impossible. You can get fit at 50 years old, just as you can at 30 or 20. You just need to make sure that the routines and exercises that you do are not too invasive. If you are 50+ and have never worked out before, and you want to get fitter, there are many beneficial workouts that you can do.

Yoga harmonises the body and mind, using positions that work the body’s muscles. There are many different types of yoga. One of the most popular, called Bikram yoga, is done in a sauna.

Pilates is another 50+ friendly option. Created by Professor Joseph Pilates in New York, it soon became popular, combining some yoga elements with posture work to strengthen the back, which is the centre of gravity. Celebrities including pop diva Madonna have made Pilates one of the world’s most widely practiced training methods.

Another option is Aqua Aerobics which is very popular on our island. It involves working out in water, usually in an instructor-led session in a sports centre or swimming pool. The advantage of this type of exercise is that is doesn’t place too much impact on the knee joints, meaning the risk of injury is minimised.

Regardless of the method or training you choose, the most important thing to remember is that age is just a number. When it comes to getting fit, all that matters is desire and motivation.

R: Elisa Reus F: Vectorfusionart, Mr.Markin y Parilov