Peter Lindbergh, Untold Stories

Known for his memorable black-and-white images reminiscent of cinema, Peter Lindbergh has rightly been described as a pioneer in fashion photography. His belief that “beauty is having the courage to be yourself ” has had a lasting influence. Throughout his splendid career, he collaborated with leading magazines and fashion brands, and his work features in perma- nent art collections, museums and prestigious exhibitions around the globe.

Untold Stories is an exhibition which tours the best cities in the world curated by the artist himself, displaying 152 photographs that he chose before his death in 2019. Lindbergh’s work includes photographs from his early days and also more recent ones, presented from his perspective.

As well as celebrating the artist’s legacy, Untold Stories also conveys his stance on fashion photography. His belief that individual beauty has a multifaceted character, and that there is authenticity in imperfection, catapulted Lindbergh to fame, capturing personality and special intimate moments of intimacy and breaking all fashion photography stereotypes.

Next exhibition: Brussels until 14/05/2023