Walls adorned with art

Almost everything inside a home means something special to the person who lives there. It’s therefore no wonder artists, curators and creative people adorn their walls with works of art. This is a way of expressing their lifestyles, and how day to day life, the passage of time, and memories can influence someone’s life.

When organising spaces and choosing pieces to display, this is the purpose of this type of decoration. The interior of a home expresses the inhabitant’s tastes. Different styles, classic, modern, rustic, open, with or without doors, minimalist, etc. All houses have something in common – plenty of walls to display works of art, and that’s why homeowners decorate their walls with their favourites. Here, the walls are adorned with contemporary masterpieces.

At a glance, we can see that the chosen spaces have been decorated by unconventional spirits: art curator, Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, Art Director and Illustrator, Jil Laura and her artist partner, Nicolás Laiz, photographer, Gori Vicens and creative talent, Elisa Reus. Their homes are bursting with character and style, and there is an emotional experience behind each piece displayed on the walls. Paintings, sculptures and photographs by different artists.

The same space is seen and interpreted differently by each person, according to their experiences and styles. Artists live their own way, so it is not surprising that the house of Jil and Nicolás, in Arrecife, Lanzarote tells the story of their day to day lives. Jil’s pieces are inspired by nature, the ethnic world, dark tropicalism and the cosmos, while her artist partner Laiz is inspired by the reflection of different concepts such as landscape, exoticism and the construction of nature as a cultural, social and economic concept. With these premises of life, the walls of their home are different from those in Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta’s house. This curator of exhibitions decorates his walls with the work of artists chosen by himself, a multipurpose artistic approach that converts the space into both his place of work and his home. Pieces by Albert Pinya, Gori Vicens, Sebastiao Salgado, Newsha Tavakolia, Pep Bonet, Slim Aaron or Pozo Cruz, are just some of the collection that we come across in the next loft. These involve a multitude of ideas and visions confronting each other: photographs and paintings, which lay some of the foundations on which modern interior design is based. Elisa displays pieces by different artists, friends and acquaintances that tell the story of her memories of weekends spent on a farm in the outskirts of the town of Santanyi, Majorca.

Each exhibition reveals how homes are decorated according to the homeowner’s individual design personality, and also reveals the extent that art, architecture or design influences can also leave their mark.

R: Alou