Molecular gastronomy at home

Have you ever heard of “Molecular Gastronomy”?

This is one of the most innovative culinary trends and is expanding rapidly in the world. As its name indicates, molecular gastronomy is a scientific research to find out all of the chemical phenomena occurring during a cooking process.

The origin of molecular gastronomy dates back to about 30 years ago, 1988. The term molecular gastronomy was created by two physicians: Nicholas Kurti and Hervé, on the purpose of discovering and explaining all of the scientific phenomena hiding behind the traditional cooking recipes from the perspective of science.

After the notion of molecular gastronomy spread the entire world, some top chefs in the world have applied the scientific knowledge proven through the development of molecular gastronomy to culinary trends, introducing new and innovative techniques called molecular cooking.

Due to the appearance of molecular cooking, chefs in the world started to create their own original molecular cuisines that reflect their creative and unique ideas. Nowadays, the number of molecular gastronomy restaurants are increasing all over the world, and probably you will be able to find some of them in your home country.

Also, due to the spread of molecular cooking, everybody can enjoy molecular cooking at home. Some companies distribute a special kit for molecular gastronomy and it includes all of necessary equipments such as recipes, tools and so on. There’s such recipes as Smoked Beer, Arugula Spaghetti, White Russian Krispies, Disappearing Transparent Raviolis… Very interesting recipes to make your friends get astonished and hungry.