Top 2022 Influencers at Inclusive Collection Hotels, in Europe

Influencers and hotels go hand in hand.

We all love to travel, and we now want to see what we’re getting first hand before booking. This is where hotels and influencers have established a synergy that benefits everyone.

Being able to experience an Inclusive Collection hotel on your computer screen before deciding if it is the perfect hotel for your next trip is now possible thanks to 2022’s best influencers. This year, they have worked with European hotel brands Secrets, Dreams, Zoetry and Alua.

Here is a small list of influencers and artists who have stayed at our hotels this year:

Alex Gonzalez y/and/und Maria Pedraza 1.8M y 11.5M seguidores / Followers @alexgonzalezact I @mariapedraza_

They spent a few days chilling out in Majorca

Gracy Villareal Y Jacob Henson 619K seguidores / Followers @gracyvillarreal

Family getaway in Tenerife

Marta Pombo – 705K seguidores / Followers @mpombor

Marta stayed in a family hotel with her friends

Maria Frubies – 798K seguidores / Fo- llowers

Maria enjoyed a few days of relaxation in Tenerife with family

Jinhoo Kim – 1M seguidores / Followers @jihoonkm

Girls’ break in Ibiza

Helen Owen – 1.5M seguidores / Followers @ helenowen

Helen jetted off for some adults-only chill out time in Ibiza.

And many more, including: Ana Moya, Sofia Ellar, Inna, Patri Montero, Sarah Bahbah, Marta Soriano, Sara Gucchi, Alex Saint, Alfred Garcia, Isabel Jiménez, Javier Balboa, Andy Mc Dougall and Clara Hinojosa, Marta Escalante, Marta Hazas, Lola Índigo, Anja C. Leuenberger

R: Auba Riera