Málaga, City of Museums

In just ten years the city of Málaga has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the world’s most important destinations for cultural tourism. Málaga has turned into a genuine City of Museums, with a total of 40. Most are concentrated in the historic centre, making it a city with one of the highest densities of museums in the old town.

It is rare for politicians to welcome this kind of plan with open arms, but it has to be said that on this occasion it was a magnificent decision. Strolling through the historic centre of Málaga, sampling the best tapas in its local markets, exploring its parks and churches, sitting on its terraces, visiting its museums and art centres or walking along its promenade are pleasures enjoyed by tourists and residents on a daily basis. What’s more, the climate in this area allows them to do so 365 days a year. The complementary attractions of rooftop venues, bars and restaurants help to make Málaga Spain’s most important city of culture.

This boost has confirmed Málaga as a city at the cutting edge, focusing on cultural and artistic expression, innovation and enterprise. In an area of less than two square kilometres you’ll find the iconic cube of the Centre Pompidou, the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), the Málaga Museum in the Palacio de la Aduana, the Picasso Museum and the Tabacalera Building, home to the Russian Museum and the Automobile and Fashion Museum. Málaga boasts – with complete justification – of its position as a world- class centre for museums, metropolitan lifestyle and culture.

R: Tristán 2.0 P: Grigory Bruev & Val Traveller.