Magnum is more than just a gun

Can celebrities still call themselves celebrities if they haven’t yet been photographed on the deck of a Magnum. And no, we’re not talking about guns. And we’re not talking about a massive bottle of champagne neither. We’re talking about a flagship company in the nautical industry. Founded by Donald Aronow in the 1960s, this prestigious company published a book about its history, explaining the different models, including the timeless Magnums, favoured by Lenny Kravitz, Ian Fleming, Sean Connery and even members of the Swedish and Spanish royal families.

These boats are luxurious, can adapt to different lifestyles and are way beyond most peoples’ price range. They have a wide variety of features, and the catalogue features different types of yachts, including racing boats and high- performance luxury yachts whose common element is stability and speed.

1975 was a milestone year in the company’s history, when Italian boat builder Filippo Theodoli and his wife Katrin bought a small shipyard in Florida that built motorboats. Their idea was to use their knowledge of speedboat manufacturing, and apply it to large, luxurious and comfortable vessels. This led to more meticulous design using top quality materials. The idea was to create fast boats which did not compromise on basic principles such as design, needed to make the product attractive.

T: Mark Twinair