The “pain” and “glory” of Pedro Almodóvar

If Pedro Almodóvar had not been a film director, he would have been a writer, “but an average writer. From experience I see that I am not as talented as a writer as I am at making films,” he said in an interview at the prestigious Goya Awards.

Spanish cinema, of course, would not have been the same without him: All about my mother, Volver, Talk to her, Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown, these are just some of the films that have taken him to the top of the international cinema world.

However, in Spain there have always seemed to be many critics of his style. The clearest example is Talk to her, which won him the Oscar for best original screenplay, two Golden Globes and two BAFTAs. At the Goyas, however, he only won best soundtrack.

his way of looking at Almodóvar films seems to have changed a lot with his latest film, Pain and Glory, which has had both national success, with 7 Goyas, and international success, with two Oscar nominations. Years after breaking moulds and challenging stereotypes with All about my mother, Almodóvar has finally achieved glory in his native Spain with a film in which he talks about himself. “It never occurred to me that this story would cause, not worry, but an expression of tenderness and affection towards me. I had never talked about these issues and opened up like that.”

R: Jen Munar F: Manolo Pavón