Javier Garló

After his pictorial approach to graffiti in his early years, Javier Garló ( ended up using drawing as his way of expression by chance. Little by little, it ended up transforming his way to express his questions about the reality that surrounds him through his own narrative.

Whether by using various materials, large or small dimensions, canvases or urban walls, Garló always manages to find a place to transform it and create his own space for reflection.

All his work revolves around his personal research, which has become a kind of invisible thread that unifies his work intrinsically. Garló feels left outside of his own reality: he questions the 21st century, his own generation and even the loss of values happening to people. The human being, then, is the point of the personal analysis of the artist. Garló speaks about history and human stories in a timeless way, the same way that makes him feel lost in his own time.

In his art it is possible to notice his veneration for Classicism and the use of symbolism to express his reflections. The artist has a special interest in the process of making art rather than the result, hence only after a careful look at his works you can spot subtle layers of tones and brush strokes that can’t be noticed in a quick glance.

Among the various surfaces chosen for his works, walls are the ones allowing him to work in large format, challenging the artist to transform the environment through his manual and meticulous work. Lately, the artist is focusing more and more on his work and study, a process that also involves a greater technical development. Using all the materials at his disposal, Garló keeps evolving in the expression of his timeless discourse.

For these reasons, his goal is not to always finish his works. Garló sees imperfection as the realest beauty, accepting and embracing it to continue on his path. Despite the election of a route full of doubts, Garló bravely chooses to keep going on this path to achieve his professional and vital acceptance.

R: Paula Ortiz – P: Antoine Garló | Antoni Costa | Javier Garló