Japan and the Maldives, the most desired destinations

One of the highest viewpointsin the world, exclusive clothing brands, megalomaniac amusement parks and cuisine in which sushi stands out above all else.

In second place, and not far behind Japan, are the Maldives, a destination longed for by luxury travellers wishing to relax in paradise and lose themselves in white sands and crystal-clear waters.

According to Observatur, the national tourism observatory, luxury travellers tend to make between two and three trips a year, usually accompanied by their partner, and spend an average of 5000 euros per person. In fact, many of them invest part of that budget in the services of a travel agency, as surveys show that more than 40% of luxury travellers book through agents.

What do you think: Japan or the Maldives?

R: Jen Munar F: Erik Eastman, Bantersnaps, Shifaaz Shamoon