Irene López León

When people glance at the art
of Irene López, it is hard to look away, as her paintings captivates the attention with the slight hypnotic sensation, created by the harmony of neon colors, geometric compositions and technical perspectives.

Irene López León is an artist from Barcelona “who paints imperfect landscapes and warp perception, on any surface she can find” – as she says about herself. Her works are full of life and they illustrate the world through the artist’s eyes – a “timeless, holistic, inductive space that leaves critics and temporal logic behind”.

The work of this contemporary Spanish street artist takes different formats – the two main ones are the studio practice and the mural painting. The colorful walls painted by Irene can be found on the streets of Barcelona,Cantabria, Valencia, Fuerteventura and Berlin.

“paints imperfect landscapes and warp perception, on any surface she can find”

The paintings on canvas, similarly to the ones on murals, amaze us with bright colors and geometrics that join in a perfect harmony to create an alluring vision.

Irene refers to her work simply as “landscape painting”, but this has nothing to do with the classic natural space, as each picture invites the audience to step into a new impossible universe. The topics of her paintings vary from tropical birds to landscapes of Japanese mountains or Taj Mahal.

The human body is also something that has inspired the artist, so in some pictures it is possible to see a figure of a woman surrounded or distorted by geometrical objects. Often, her landscapes have a protagonist – an animal or two that bring life and emotion to her paintings.

Although Irene’s point of view is almost metaphysical, the artist does not seek to burden people with hidden concepts and topics that are hard to grasp, instead, she invites everyone to let go and to step into her world of dimensions.