The Other side of Make-Believe

25 years after they first got together, Interpol have overcome every challenge thrown at them. From the paranoid 9/11 New York post that saw them emerge as 21st century rock saviours, to an unforgettable debut album linked to the best memories of an entire generation, to the post-punk revival that they hoisted, to the revival of the revival, to their imitators, to their components’ parallel projects, even themselves. Interpol has dodged so many bullets that they have earned the right to call their story theirs and no one else’s. But above all, Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino have earned the right to stretch that story as they want and as much as they want: they will continue to survive whatever is thrown at them. As a testimony, there will be new choruses that scrape and comfort at the same time, like the tracks on their latest album, The Other Side of Make- Believe.

Interpol have recently embarked on a wide- reaching tour of Spain organised by Primavera Sound, offering a unique opportunity to watch the band in a concert hall, after so many festival gigs.

T: Javier Díez