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Francisco Palau y Quer, the guest of Es Vedrá

With a bare crown and full of small colorful lizards, Es Vedrà stands like a fallen rock over the Mediterranean, beautiful and breezy.

The uninhabited islet of Es Vedrà detached itself from the island of Ibiza and stayed admiring it from the southwest. Since then, it has become a place famous for its magical energy, among other reasons, related to alleged UFO sightings and other events.

But Es Vedrà is much more than the subject for fantastic anecdotes. Es Vedrà is a place of worship for a religious congregation of 1490 nuns, five of whom live in the house of Es Cubells, located in Ibiza.

This congregation was founded by the now blessed Francisco Palau y Quer. Father Palau spent a part of his life meditating on the islet of Es Vedrà and,FANTASTIC GUEST 19 irremediably, this place has become the Mecca of the
Carmelites of his congregation. Climbing Es Vedrà at least once in a lifetime is one of the purposes of these missionaries, and it is a difficult slope.

Father Palau is also known as the guest of Es Vedrà, for being the person who’s been on the island the longest. Some give him credit for many legends, and not in vain, because he himself described mystical experiences that he had lived during his time on the islet. “Ladies of light”, “celestial beings” … Who would let these words of Father Palau pass without notice? Many think that Palau spoke of sightings of UFOs when referring to luminous appearances of large circles of light up to 50 meters in diameter that entered and left the water.

Even today, many fishermen avoid the waters around Es Vedrà, an area that generates interference in their radars and even seems to disorient the birds. However, these facts could be explained empirically: Es Vedrà is considered one of the largest magnetic centers on Earth.
According to known data, it was not until 1950 that some climbers dared to reach the highest parts of Es Vedrà. Two Catalan mountaineers challenged another ancient legend that ensured sex change of those who managed to reach the top of Es Vedrà. Of course, Francisco Martí and Manuel Puig remained men after climbing to the crown of the mountain.

The expectations of some spectacular magic were so high that this fact appeared as news in the newspaper ABC on Thursday, August 3, 1950.
Es Vedrà is also a part of what is widely known as El Triángulo del Silencio. Next to the rock of Ifach and the southwest coast of Mallorca, Es Vedrà is one of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ points, where, according to various sailors and even aviators, strange and baffling events occur.

A source of inspiration for artists, a place of spiritual recollection, maybe even a base of UFOs or a home for mermaids, Es Vedrà is, without a doubt, a magical place, at least for making some wonderful photos from the island of Ibiza during a summer sunset.

R: Mar Reguant – I: Alejandro Illán