Envy is a Jaime Salvá Architecture & Interior Design studio project, located in Santa Ponça, in the southwest of Majorca. Its exposed concrete exterior is particularly striking. This industrial material combines its structural functionality with the final finished look and feel, and architect.

Jaime Salvá designed the exterior using concrete, putting a great deal of thought into how he would overcome possible challenges. Keeping the property looking warm and welcoming, a frequent request when designing homes, was challenging, given that concrete is a material that often looks cold and unfriendly. If it is not used correctly, the finish can look flawed

For this reason, the architect prioritised the shared spaces over the private ones, opening up the ground floor that connects the inside with the outside and turning it into a pleasant living room overlooking the pool. It is inspired by the architect’s characteristic style, its horizontal structure and how it blends into the natural landscape.

Concrete is an industrial material that is easy to maintain, but it requires a very large definition, given that the structure is the final finish that cannot really be modified.

Envy is located on the south-facing plot with good views. Its L-shaped design closes off house’s outdoor space to make it appear cosier, while preventing the neighbours from peering in. The best views come from inside the house. The geometric shapes generated by these spaces are simple and iconic.

Envy is contemporary Mediterranean and timeless, using natural noble materials and neutral tones that can easily be combined with art and furniture. Marga Comas’ interior design has been developed with great care, and the artwork was selected by Gallery Red, displaying pieces by artists such as Sepideh Ilsley, Andrea Torres Balaguer or Evelyne Brader-Frank.

R: Ana Salvá F: Tomeu Canyellas