Andrea Koporova’s mysterious world I

Andrea Koporova is a self-taught photographer. Born in 1979 in a small town in central Slovakia, her photography career began in 2011, and she focuses on photographing people, especially women.

She expresses society’s contradictions and the direction that humans are moving in in this curious world. Her visual style, involving saturated colours, transport the viewer into an imaginary dimension, while remaining in the real world.

Her minimalist images with simple compositions offer an atmosphere and depth which invite the viewer to self-reflect and contemplate. Koporova aims to project human experience in her images, allowing viewers to reflect on their own journey.

Her curiosity for the creative world has helped her to develop an imagery instinct that she explores in her increasingly artistic and evolutionary work. Solitary beings, photographed with artificial light and touched up with bright and saturated colours feature highly in “Ghost Town”, “Invisible” and “Game”. Her surreal compositions are dramatic illustrations with visible feelings. Her latest collections are called “Virus” and “Air space”.