Carnival Colours

Although carnival celebrations are popular throughout Spain, where everyone loves the chance to dress up for a few hours, it is the carnival celebrations in the Canary Islands that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Tradition, colour and music come together every year to form one of the best festivals in the entire country.

Carnival in the Canary Islands lasts several weeks, with the election of the carnival queen and her court, the murgas, rondallas, comparsas, costume competitions and parades.

The parades are extremely varied: parades for children, for old cars, and even for dogs.

Nobody wants to miss out! Finally, when all the parades and competitions are over, the festivities end with the ceremonial burial of the sardine, a procession in which the sardine is carried on a throne accompanied by professional mourners, widows and pregnant men.

Carnival in the Canary Islands attract numerous Spanish and foreign tourists every year, attracted by all the fun and originality and looking forward to a holiday in this particular corner of paradise.

Would you like to come next year?

R: Jen Munar F: Ugur Arpaci