Carles G.O’D

Born in 1988 in Majorca from a Spanish- Irish family, Carles García O’Dowd ( has a passion for the creation of dystopic worlds.

Everything about him is eclectic, from the name he chose to move his first steps in the art world, Carles G.O’D., to his studies who took place all around Europe and Mexico or the several languages he learned during his many trips. Restlessness, perhaps, is what constantly feeds his mind to create the intricate, elaborate drawings typical of Carles’ style and his dystopic worlds: “I love imagining spaces and worlds where everything works differently […] the physical laws, the scale of things, ecosystems, the atmosphere, it feels like becoming an architect of universes”.

If mastering several techniques is what makes an artist complete, Carles has it all. As he explains, all of his creative activity is related to drawing, which led him to do everything, from tattoos
to collaborative narrative macro-illustrations as well as comics, serigraphed plates, fanzines, murals, posters and so on.

Among his most interesting projects there are Heaven is a Town much like Shagaluf and Projecte Uter, both centered on social subjects like politics and social movements which are very dear topics to the artist.

Carles G.O’D. regularly travels to attend events and present his projects, benefiting from the contact with different art scenes to acquire new perspectives about his environment and the differences between Countries in terms of art reception, production and inspiration. Whenever he’s not running after his wanderlust you can find Carles G.O’D. in his study in Palma de Majorca, where he currently lives and works.

R: Gloria Marchese – P: Carles G.O’D.