Bizarre clubs and communities of the world

In pursuit of breaking out from the daily routine, we all look for something interesting to spice things up a bit. Some people find a hobby and others try new sports. Some people join clubs and communities, and it is incredible how sometimes the oddest ideas find crowds of followers.

1. Ice Chewers | USA

An online community, based in the US of people united with the fascination of ice and the habit of chewing it. The members of this odd society believe that ice chewing is beneficial for one’s health in many ways and promote this belief across the Internet.

2. Toy Voyaging | worldwide

We all had our favorite toys when we were little and we might still love them with all our heart. Toy Voyaging is where the love to a teddy bear becomes a little unusual.

This online service unites toy lovers and offers to “send your own toy travelling round the world or offer one a place to stay”. While a toy is away, owners send them letters and in return receive travel photos, made by thoughtful hosts.

3. The Fat Men’s Club | USA

This club became famous in 19th and 20th centuries in the US and it might not be the most unusual one. It made our list for its humorous motto “I’ve got to be good-natured; I can’t fight, and I can’t run.”

4. Social Alarm Clock | Russia

The club was created to make the process of waking up in the morning easier and more enjoyable. Using its online platform, you can set the time of your alarm and then, instead of being woken up by a default alarm sound, you will receive a call from a stranger who signed to wake you up. You can also wake up some people by calling them. The fact that Russia has 9 time zones helps in the realization of this idea.

5. ‘De Feo’ Football Team | Italy

The unusual thing about this Italian football team from the town of Serino is that it is formed by the players with the same surname “De Feo”. Actually, the entire squad has the same surname, including coach, doctor and club secretary and sponsors.

R: Gala Kulakova – I: Alejandro Illán