Anivas Natsirt

Lost Spaces

I don’t know why Anivas Natsirt (Lebanon-New York, 1980) stopped playing the drums (he was in a band) to travel the world, camera in hand, and capture the lost world. Abandoned border cities, deserts where humans have left their footprints behind, uninhabitable places, where decay and abandonment become pure architectural art.

Spaces devoid of tourists, people, even photographers and curious people. Natsirt explores the boundaries of these places. He places the image between realism, abstraction and severity, and chance. He wants us to understand the limits and his vision. No filters or photoshopping.

This series is part of the nature collection that the artist is working on. All these images show the fleetingness of time and the representation of the world that we are living in. An architectural space that defines the way of life and how we modify it.

The aesthetic aspect and attention to minute details give these images a heavy and natural feel. Photographed architecture.

R: Alou